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The Adoption Center of Upstate New York is located in Rochester, serving the entire upstate region, including Syracuse, Buffalo and the Souther Tier. Offices are located at 11 and 20 N Goodman Street, between East and University Avenues, close to the Park Avenue area, the Rochester Museum and Science Center, and the Memorial Art Gallery. 

Post Adoption Support

Adoption can be complicated and many issues, unique to each triad member, can come up at different moments throoughout a lifetime. 


Our expertise can help you address these challenges whenever they arise for you and your family. 


Mediation can be a useful tool for resolving conflict between:

- adult siblings
- parents and their young, pre-teen and teenage children
- parents and children “returning to the nest”
- family members involved in mutual employment/financial arrangements
- couples experiencing conflict

- separation and divorce


The complex histories, dynamics and emotions that are present can be overwhelming to family members trying to address conflict. The mediator is skilled at facilitating conversations that will be constructive communication rather than deteriorating into unproductive arguments.


Call for more information: John: 585.746.7695


Lisa D. Maynard, LMSW, ACSW, RYT

Lisa is an adoptive parent and an adoption and foster care professional with more than 25 years of experience in the field. 


Lisa has an LMSW and a trauma certificate from the State University of Buffalo, and a post-graduate certificate in Adoption Therapy from Hunter College of Social Work. She is also a certified yoga  and meditation teacher.


Lisa utilizes an eclectic psychotherapeutic approach incorporating cognitive, family systems, trauma, attachment, and mindfulness in her work with children and families. Lisa is child-centered and family focused, and committed to promoting permanency and well-being. 


Lisa is a senior consultant with the National Center on Adoption and Permanency, an affiliate with Tree of Hope Counseling, an advisory board member of NYS Citizen's Coalition for Children. Lisa is currently working with the Center for Adoption Support and Education as an Implementation Specialist with the National Adoption Competency Mental Health Training Initiative (NTI), a free web-based, self-paced training. To learn more about NTI, visit


Lisa provides trainings, locally and nationally, on all aspects of foster care and adoption, and the use of yoga to heal trauma.

John Sobraske, LMHC, LMFT

John Sobraske is an adopted person, a stepparent of adopted children and an adoption psychotherapist in private practice.


John holds a BA degree from Stanford University where he graduated phi beta kappa. He was awarded a prestigious graduate fellowship to study at the University of Minneosta Child Development Center and Department of Family Social Sciience where he participated in research related to adoption, orphanages, and early stress. 


John has a special interest in the interrelationship between attachment, trauma, executive function, and in-utero exposure to substances and stress. He regularly provides diagnostic evaluation and consultation on difficult cases to local counties and agencies.


John has developed a unique parenting curriculum, a depth approach for adult adoptees, and an effective case management approach. Additionally, he has expertise in numerous natural medicine modalities. 



Adoption counseling for all triad members

Foster care counseling & case collaboration




Executive function


FASD, in-utero exposures



Assisted reproduction


Home studies

Mental health evaluations

County, Agency, Court consultations

Prospective adoption consultation

Training for families and professionals

Support Groups


Call for more information: Lisa:  585.507.7588

John: 585.746.7695

Additional Offerings

In addition to psychotherapy, we offer a variety of complementary modalities including: 

Holistic assessment * Trauma-Sensitive Yoga * Meditation/Mindfulness * Qigong *

Classic Homeopathy * Botanical Medicine * Natural Supplements * Spirituality