Our Team 

Lisa Maynard LMSW and John Sobraske LMHC LMFT each have breadth and depth of experience in adoption and foster care. 

Lisa D. Maynard

A significant life journey began when I adopted my son from South Korea in 1987 and my daughter in 1991. Becoming a mom through adoption changed my life. Little did I know in those early years the challenging but ultimately rewarding road ahead. Both my children have struggled with adoption issues, bringing home, in a personal way, how impactful that early loss can be.  


My passion for adoption led me to found a support group with my good friend and fellow adoptive parent, Cindy Fleischer. From there, we grew it into a non-profit organization called Adoptive Resource Network, providing a range of services including large local conferences hosting some of the most renowned luminaries in adoption. Later I brought the organization to Hillside Children's Center where I continued to serve as the director of adoption services. Throughout the years, I have helped families and children pre- and post-adoption to ensure eventual success, lifetime commitment and well-being.


In my work, I have provided counseling, advocacy and support to hundreds of adoptive families. In addition to my social work training, I have received extensive education in trauma therapy and yoga, blending these into a unique mindfulness-based approach for all members of the adoption triad. 



John Sobraske

John Sobraske is an adopted person, a stepparent of adopted children and an adoption psychotherapist in private practice.


As a graduate fellow at the University of Minnesota, he participated in research on open adoption and early stress.


In over twenty years of clinical work, he has counseled well over a hundred adoptive and foster families and has provided dozens of trainings across the nation on all aspects of adoption and foster care. John has taken a special interest in attachment, executive function, trauma and in utero exposures (drugs, alcohol, stress) as well as diagnosis of complex cases. Over the years, he has developed a unique approach to parenting touch kids, doing depth work with adult adoptees, and exploring case collaboration. 


John also works in the field of natural medicine, exploring how these interventions can be of benefit to complex cases in adoption and foster care.